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Jail Division

Information about a specific arrestee’s charge(s) and bond is available by calling (641) 464-3921 or by stopping by 801 W South Street in Mount Ayr. The only accepted payment for bail are Cash or Surety Bond.

Intake and Release

Individuals who have been placed under arrest are transported to the Ringgold County jail located at the Law Enforcement Center at 801 W South Street in Mount Ayr.

While the staff at the Ringgold County jail is dedicated to ensuring the prompt processing and release of eligible arrestees, the amount of time required to complete this process may be affected by the volume of the arrestees being processed simultaneously.

Appearance in Magistrate Court

On a new charge an arrestee will usually see the magistrate judge within twenty-four hours. The judge sets his/her own schedule so time is at the judge’s discretion.

There are four ways an inmate may be released:

  1. Bond- as determined by a Magistrate Judge
  2. Pre-trial release- If the subject is unable to bond, he or she may apply through the 5th Judicial District Department of the Correctional Services for pretrial release. If an inmate meets the criteria, he or she will be released on their own recognizance with their promise to appear at the next scheduled court hearing.
  3. Final court appearance and sentencing
  4. Per court order

Visiting rules and regulations

Visiting hours for the public are 1p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.  An appointment must be made on the Monday prior to weekend visitation. Visitation is done via phone and monitors during these visitation times.

All visitors are subject to a background investigation. Any person undergoing any type of criminal prosecution or having been discharged from a jail or prison within the last six (6) months will not be allowed to visit unless waived by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.

A visitor may be denied if reasonable suspicion exists that the visitor might endanger the security of the facility or are believed to be intoxicated. All visitors must be fully clothed and must abide the rules posted at the visitation area. Person(S) under the legal age of eighteen (18) are NOT allowed to visit inmates.

Inmate telephone service and Commissary account

Once an inmate receives his or her housing assignment, he or she will be allowed to make phone calls to family and friends from phones in the jail by calling collect or by purchasing phone cards. Phone cards can be purchased at the Law enforcement Center or www.reliancetelephone.com. These cards are $10.

Jail staff are not permitted to deliver personal messages to inmates unless an emergency condition exists.

A commissary account may be established for each inmate upon arrival. All monies applied to these accounts may be used for commissary items available.


It shall be the policy of the Ringgold County Jail to permit inmates to receive and accept mail delivered via United States Postal Service. Inmates are not allowed to receive mail from inmates in other facilities.  Inmates will be made aware of all Jail rules before and during their stay.