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E911 Coordinator 
Melissia Stark

Obtaining a 911 Address

Ringgold County E911 Commission is responsible for issuing physical property addresses and E911 reflective signs in the unincorporated areas of the County. These procedures are necessary in order to ensure proper quality control and data
management operations. To obtain an address, please contact the Coordinator.

E-911 Board

The E911 Board is made up of representatives from each emergency response jurisdiction within Ringgold County. This board is responsible for anything related to the 911 system other than personnel. The main topic that they work on is the financial side. This board is regulated by Iowa Code 34A.

They look at how the funds we receive from the 911 surcharge on your phone bill are best spent. Upgrades and equipment purchases to the communication center, radio and pager purchases for county emergency personnel and maintenance contracts to keep all of the communications running are a few of the expenses those funds are used for. This is also the board that recommends how much the county and its citizens should pay for the E911 Surcharge that you pay every month.

Current Board Members:

Joe Dukes
Rob Haley
Mike Wimer
Dee Euritt
Sandra White
Doug Campbell
Colby Holmes

Contact E911 Coordinator:

Melissia Stark
109 W. Madison Street
Mount Ayr, IA 50854